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Ulysses: The ultimate writing app for note-taking and writing entire novels

Ulysses has been dominating the writing world thanks to its brilliant user experience design and powerful editing tools. Available for MacOS and iPhone/iPad, Ulysses makes writing entire novels as simple as note-taking. Having used it for a couple of months now, the one thing that stands out is app’s emphasis on helping you write as effortlessly as possible. Unlike Evernote, however – which is readily available for free on all platforms – there’s a learning curve that requires you to put in a few hours into keyboard shortcuts used to link images, videos, adjust formatting styles, previewing and exporting sheets etc. On the flip side, the app is gorgeously-designed with in-depth tutorials, a variety of themes, and even a ‘Typewriter Mode’ that keeps the cursor centred so you’re always focused. If you’re looking for a classy, multipurpose writing app that does everything from taking notes in class to writing papers, give Ulysses a shot! Source Lees verder


7 dingen die highly effective mensen doen als ze zich ‘s ochtends nog even omdraaien

Effectieve en productieve mensen, we benijden ze allemaal. Want wie wil er nu niet zo zijn? Maar wat doen die mensen nu precies als ze de wekker ‘s ochtends snoozen en zich nog een keertje omdraaien? Wij zochten uit hoe hun ochtendritueel er in de praktijk uitziet. Prio’s herbepalen En tot de conclusie komen dat douchen vandaag niet per se hoeft en je makkelijk tien minuten langer kunt blijven liggen. Data-analyse maken Om na te gaan welke reden om vandaag thuis te blijven je de laatste twee maanden nog niet hebt gebruikt. Dagplanning maken In gedachten je to-do lijstje afgaan en kijken wat je naar morgen kunt doorschuiven. Kansen zien En die pakken. Bijvoorbeeld als je wel weer een broodje kroket in de kantine kunt halen in plaats van zelf lunch te maken. Ontvang uw dagelijkse dosis betrouwbaar nieuws via Whatsapp Kijk hier voor meer informatie Goed en snel inschattingen maken Effectieve mensen kunnen als het moet snel en zorgvuldig berekeningen maken, bijvoorbeeld wat de .. Lees verder


I Create Animal Paintings With Real Ants (12 Pics)

Ants are really interesting and fascinating insects. Watch the fun I have creating with ants. Leaving tiny amounts of sugar on a piece of paper to lure them into my drawings. It gets tricky because they move around quickly and I have to record as fast as I can. It takes numerous attempts. Two of them are failed, but it will improve if I do it again. I am still learning by reading more about photography, HD pictures, and inspecting ants from up close as they are busy with their own tiny lives. More info: Instagram Watch how Rhino was created in the video below: Lees verder


5 Teachers Who Now Probably Regret Bullying Their Students

Inclusion in the classroom, the numbers show that students with disabilities who spend the majority of their school day in a regular classroom has risen to stand at about 63 percent in the 2016-2017 school year – but what happens when they get there? Allegra Willow posted a Tumblr thread on her page sharing various classroom horror stories from people with disabilities. From getting insulin pumps pulled out to being ignored during life-threating emergency health reactions, these tales of maltreatment will shock and appall you. At the end of the post, Willow included her own story but didn’t stop there. The 21-year-old informed any disabled readers of what is called the 504 plan. The plan is a legal protection program for United States students with disabilities or chronic illnesses in public schools. Some of the accommodations afforded with 504 can include verbal, visual and technological support along with excused absences or missed classwork. For Willow, it meant she as able to keep.. Lees verder

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