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Fun van laag bedroevend hoog niveau uit de social media krochten

WIFE: honey? ME: yes dear WIFE: did something hit the car ME: yes deer WIFE: do you know what it was ME: yes deer WIFE: was it an animal ME: yes deer WIFE: was it a rabbit ME: no deer

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Whenever somebody says “it is what it is” I reply with “and it’s not what it’s not” so they’ll realize just how stupid they sounded

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wife: *handing me a bowl of raspberries* we have to eat these before they go bad me: that is true of literally every food

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The Proclaimers claim they would walk 500 miles, only offering 500 more after the fact simply to exceed predetermined expectations. Vanessa Carlton, on the other hand, offers the full 1000 miles up front in one lump sum, even AFTER making her way downtown. In this essay, I will

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