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The Way This Cat Returns Home After Going Missing For 5 Years Is More Unbelievable Than This Fact Itself

True friendships always find a way of lasting. Nguhi Muturi from Dallas, Texas, got a kitty when she was only nine years old. “I loved him to pieces and used to write about him for every daily journal entry in school,” she told the Press Association. “We adopted him when he was a kitten months after we moved into this home.” Nguhi and Panther happily lived together until the girl grew up and had to leave for college. However, during this time, Panther left as well. “He slipped out of the house and never came back.” After a while, Nguhi made peace with her loss and moved on. Five years and a few crazy twists of fate later, a cat resembling Panther showed up at the Muturi’s house. After Nguhi’s parents got suspicious, they organized a thorough paw inspection. You see, their long-lost feline had no claws on his front paws. And by an amazing twist of fate, the cat was Panther, hanging out in the same spot he used to, five years after he went missing. It turns out that after he ran away,.. Lees verder


When Chinese Rip Offs Go Too Far: 40 Side-By-Side Pictures Of Paris, And Its Chinese Knockoff Look Awfully Similar

You don’t have to travel to France to check out the Eiffel Tower or the Mona Lisa, or the next best thing. China has built a replica of Paris 6,000 miles away from the famous European city. Looking at the photos, an average tourist might find it so similar that it’s almost eerie. Recently, French photographer Francois Prost visited the copycat town of Tianducheng, and created “Paris Syndrome,” a series that invites its viewers to compare the two locations. While researching what it would be like to live in a town based on one of the most iconic cities in the world, Francois came across several places in China that consciously mimic architectural styles of various European areas. This phenomenon is known as “duplitecture.” Tianducheng is a housing estate in the suburbs of Hangzhou, China. Construction of the town started in 2007 and it was initially developed to accommodate about 10,000 residents. “The monuments look the same, but it’s a totally different context,” the Parisian told W.. Lees verder

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