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Adidas and Parley for the Oceans collaborate for swimwear collection made of recycled plastic from the ocean

After the success of its shoe collection made of plastic, German sports brand Adidas has once again collaborated with Parley for the Oceans in creating a line of swimwear made from recycled ocean garbage. The team converted ocean plastic, which was mostly made up of debris and junk, into a fiber called Econyl. This fiber has the same characteristics as the nylon fabric used in making swimwear, allowing it to mimic its flexibility and comfort. Adidas design director Roger Hahn believes that “it is the responsibility of big companies to help protect the oceans. He adds that “it’s possible to make over 1,000 swimsuits from a large fishing net. This was an initiative of passion. It drove us to know that we were innovating for all future athletes by guarding their oceans.” 50% of Adidas’ current swimwear products are made from recycled material. The sportswear company aims to increase this number and completely turn to recycled materials. Source Lees verder


Japanese brand Muji will start selling tiny compact homes made of Japanese wood

It’s not unusual for clothing lines to put their brand on home furniture and accessories. Muji, however, is upping the ante in the game of minimalism and marketing. The Japanese retail company has introduced a 9 square-meter prefabricated home that is set to sell for ¥3,000,000 (£20,989). The Muji Hut is constructed with Japanese wood and boasts sliding glass doors, a window, a covered patio, and mortar-finished flooring. A Japanese technique called “shou sugi ban” which uses wood charred black as its exterior cladding is also highlighted in the tiny home. This feature allows the unit to be resistant to fire and decay. “Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life,” said the Japanese brand. The compact models revealed were designed by Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa, and Jasper Morrison. Source Lees verder


Fransman schiet vijf keer raak en wint knuffelbeer

Een mooie prestatie van Martin Fourcade in Pyeongchang. De Franse biatleet schoot vijf keer raak en won daarmee een knuffelbeer. “Hier droom je als klein jongetje al van. Prachtig als dit uitkomt”, aldus Fourcade, die de knuffel na afloop aan zijn vriendin gaf. Nummer twee, de Duitser Simon Schempp, won een pak kaarten met blote vrouwen op de achterkant en nummer drie Emil Hegle Svendsen mag een doosje knalerwten meenemen naar Noorwegen. Lees verder

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