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Shakespeare’s Ghosts Live! What Secret Messages do The Spirits Reveal about the Nature of Reality?

When one of us began studying psychology he was told that if the aim was to understand human relationships, it would be better served by studying literature—especially Shakespeare. Since then, at least as concerns clinical psychology, the subject has moved on to become an evidence-based humanistic alternative Read moreSection: NewsUnexplained PhenomenaOpinionGuest Authors Lees verder


Mitla Mosaics: A Coded Language May Plaster the Walls of a Zapotec City of the Dead

Unique and curious designs plaster the walls of the most popular Zapotec archaeological site in Mexico. They are called the Mitla mosaics and are unrivalled in their precision and quality of workmanship. But a mystery surrounds the carved symbols as some researchers suggest they contain a coded language just waiting to be deciphered. Read moreSection: NewsAncient PlacesAmericasUnexplained Phenomena Lees verder


Hand studies rendered beautifully with flowers and bees

Noel Badges Pugh studies his own hand and renders the sketches with colorful flora and fauna. After rendering each piece with both watercolor and India ink, Pugh photographs them with his drawn flowers from the top to allow the viewer to examine just how to-scale the illustrations are. Bees are often depicted in his work and the artist cites his interest in them on his site. He’s even got an illustrated field guide up on Amazon. Check out some of his works below and find more on his Tumblr and Instagram. Source Lees verder

Natuur & klimaat

Vervuiling was in 2015 verantwoordelijk voor negen miljoen doden

Dat zijn meer slachtoffers dan AIDS, TBC en malaria samen maakten. Hoewel vervuiling de meeste slachtoffers eist in arme landen, vallen in elk land doden door onder meer lucht- en watervervuiling. Dat concluderen onderzoekers in dit rapport. Zestien procent In 2015 kwamen naar schatting zo’n 9 miljoen mensen door toedoen van vervuiling vroegtijdig te overlijden. […] Lees het volledige bericht (Vervuiling was in 2015 verantwoordelijk voor negen miljoen doden) op Lees verder

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